Porn Star Danielle

Years ago I decided to create my (extensive) bucket list. I have been fortunate enough to cross off some of the items on that list, but there are still Bucket List Fantasies that have not been completed. I love the idea of sharing and completing these fantasies with my paramours. If you have something on your bucket list that you think would appeal to me, then please tell me about it. I would also love to plan the itinerary for our time together. Tell me your budget, excluding my fee, and I will use my awesome Google-fu skills to plan a fantastic itinerary.

The rates for these fantasies have been generously discounted from my normal rates. My Bucket List Fantasies dates requires a minimum twenty-four hour appointment. Any Bucket List Fantasies dates that are forty-eight hours or longer in length must include one activity per twenty-four hour period.

Discounts On Rates

These discounts are for dates that include a “Bucket List Fantasy”. Discounts are off my posted rates on thisĀ page.

You are required to cover the travel costs (roundtrip flight, transportation to and from airport and hotel, luggage fees, hotel, dining, etc.), as well as the cost of the Bucket List Fantasy and any other activities involved.

U.S. Adventures

  • Costume ball in Salem, MA during Halloween
  • Be childlike at Disneyworld in FL
  • Read in the Library of Congress and go sightseeing in DC
  • Take part in a seance in New Orleans

Wherever the Wind Takes Us

  • Ride an airboat
  • Go to the airport and take the next flight available to any city
  • Zero gravity experience
  • Go to a famous movie festival
  • All day relaxing spa day in a world famous spa
  • Grape stomping, ending (or beginning) with a wine tour
  • Sleep in a tree house
  • Go on a dog sledding expedition
  • Be a fighter pilot for a day (combat mission)
  • Float the seas on a luxury cruise trip
  • Take surfing lessons in a tropical location
  • Take a risk and dive with sharks
  • Create a new perfume at a fragrance lab
  • Extreme white water rafting trip
  • Hunt with a hawk
  • Attend an opera at a famous opera house
  • Be an aquatic superhero and fly a jetpack
  • Sail on a pirate ship
  • Dive for pearls
  • Learn to make cheese
  • Get hands on with sloths
  • Immersive outdoors survival training

International Adventures

  • Soak in the hot waters of Iceland
  • Visit all the seven modern wonders of the world
  • Tea ceremony in Japan
  • Be happy in Bhutan (the happiest country on Earth)
  • Drink eiswein at various German vineyards
  • Visit the Taylor Fladgate vineyards
  • Safari in Africa
  • Cruise on a National Geographic cruise ship
  • Explore the whole south island of New Zealand
  • Visit the Vatican
  • Oktoberfest in Germany
  • Brazilian Carnival at Rio de Janiero
  • Carnival in Venice, Italy
  • Kiss the Blarney stone in Ireland
  • Walk in the Amazon rainforest
  • Float in the Dead Sea
  • Travel Europe in a Grand Suite on the Orient Express train