Porn Star Danielle

Ninety minute Solo Rendezvous appointments (600 incall or outcall) are only available to grandfathered clients (contact me to see if this applies to you). I also offer ninety minute Duo Date appointments (600 incall or outcall, plus second provider’s rate). Appointments less than ninety minutes in duration are not available.

Verification is for my safety first and foremost but is also for your safety as well. Companions that don’t take the time to verify a client put all parties involved at risk and might possibly be a bait and switch, upsell, or other unsavory character that you really don’t want to meet.

I will accept references from two currently active, reputable providers that you’ve seen within the last year. I will need their name, email, website, and when/where you saw them. All this information must be given to me for a smooth and quick verification process. If you have a Preferred411 profile I do require that you have at least two provider reference okays from within the last year (providers must currently be active).

Please rest assured that all of your information is kept confidential. I only communicate through my email Your information will be deleted once I’ve screened you. No exceptions will be made regarding verifications (e.g. I won’t meet you in public first to verify you).

If you cannot provide two recent references then I will require the following information for screening: employer name, your position/occupation, your work email, current city and state of residence, a copy of your driver’s license, and a comparison photo (clear photo of you holding your ID next to your face). If you are visiting from outside the U.S. I will require a copy of your flight boarding pass, a copy of your passport (everything on the passport except your name, date of birth, and photo can be redacted), and a comparison photo (clear photo of you holding your passport next to your face).

I will need you to send me a blank email from your work email to my screening email (which will be given to you after you’ve provided me the required information for screening). My screening email is discreet and unlisted. I will not contact you through your work email or your personal or work phone number. Clients using employment information for screening will need to pay a $25 non-refundable deposit, which will be applied to the appointment fee.

I accept cash and credit/debit cards only. CashApp, Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, crypto, etc. is not available for payment options. A 10% fee is added on when using a credit or debit card. I will require an emailed photo of you holding your driver’s license next to your face and will take an imprint of the card being used (this is for my protection against chargebacks). If using the card option, the payment must be processed at the latest the day before our appointment. In person payments are not available. You may purchase the time with me on my online store through a special listing I will create for you. Any cancellation from you will result in the loss of the 10% processing fee. Please rest assured that all of your information is kept confidential.

My rates are a flat fee. I do not upsell. I have a few options that require an additional fee but I’ve found that the vast majority of providers also ask for an extra fee for these options. I do not expect to be tipped but if you feel like I’ve gone above and beyond and would like to tip me I will always appreciate it. If you would like to show your appreciation by bringing me a gift, please feel free to use my Amazon wish list or support my luxury beauty product addiction with a Sephora gift card.

I’m a night owl and prefer to wake up naturally rather than to an alarm. It takes me two to four hours to prepare for an appointment which means I have to wake up much earlier than I normally would for a date in the morning. I like when things are preplanned so my schedule is normally set anywhere from several days to weeks in advance and many times I have to completely rearrange my schedule when someone wants to book an appointment with less than 24 hours notice. I need a minimum four hours notice for a same day appointment but please be aware that I usually don’t check my email until around noon, so I ask that you take that into consideration when trying to book a same day appointment for any time before 4pm.

No, I’m not. This site is run by myself, as an independent companion. When you book with me through this website (or through my email you are dealing directly with me. 

The only people that I will not meet are those that will not comply with my verification process (this includes giving me false information) or have been put on my “Do Not See” list (sending me an explicit email, asking about services or rates, or any mention of “menu” acronyms will land you on this list). I do not discriminate and will see anyone regardless of their gender, ethnicity, or age (18+). 

I host in a community located about 10 minutes from the Phoenix airport. When I am touring I will make it clear if I’m available to host or if I’m only able to come to you.

I am available for outcall appointments valleywide. I’m also available for travel in Arizona, the U.S., and around the world. There may be an additional fee and minimum duration requirement depending on travel time. My fees and requirements can be found on the Rates page and Touring/Fly Me To You page.

Yes, I do. I want to make our time together incredibly special, memorable, and exciting for both of us. Pleasing people is one of the joys in my life. Though I would like to make it clear that there are some requests that I will be wary about fulfilling. While I like to dress in the manner you request, if it involves me wearing promiscuous clothing I ask that I only wear that when we are in a private location. Other than that, I am open minded and willing to fulfill any of your requests. If you have a clothing request in mind, please tell me and I will find something to wear that will please you.

Yes, I am available for doubles with a provider of your choosing and/or with my female doubles partner. Unfortunately at this time I do not have a male doubles partner. Ninety minute appointments are available for duo dates. Email me for more information about my doubles partner.

Group play is available for any and all genders and sexual orientations.​​ Please be aware that there is an additional fee of $275 an hour, per person on top of my couples rate.

While I don’t expect gifts it is really quite nice to receive a little something. I absolutely love being spoiled and it’s great way to show your appreciation for me. Also, (in case you were wondering) my birthday is on May 29th.

Here are my sizes:
• Bust – 41
• Waist – 32
• Hips – 41
• Bra – 36G (U.K. sizing)
• Dress – 14/XL
• Tops – L-XL
• Panties – XL
• Pants – 14/XL
• Shoes – 8.5

Products for my beauty regimen are primarily bought from Sephora. On my Amazon wishlist you can find many items that are guaranteed to put a smile on my face. I prefer to buy my lingerie and bras from Her Room. I prefer U.K. size bras (36G) since U.K. sizes are standardized (unlike U.S. sizes).

If you would like to gift me jewelry I prefer silver or white gold. My favorite colors are purple, silver, and black. My favorite food is cheese. I love red wine, Taylor Fladgate port wine, German eiswein, and rum. I’m into electronic music and classical music. I am an avid reader so books are always a great choice as far as gifts go. I prefer milk chocolate, though love a dark chocolate that can pair with a pinot noir or other red wine.

If you really  want to spoil me and show how much you adore me you could take me on a vacation to Scotland and/or England. I’m an absolute anglophile.

I will spoil you back as well. After our visit together please email me for a free month’s membership to my adult website.​