Porn Star Danielle

my Limits as a submissive

If you are wanting to hire me as a sub you will be required to send me a photo of you holding your driver’s license next to your face. Outcall is not available for new clients wanting to hire me as a sub.

my submissive Personality

i’m a submissive that loves being put in my place. If i feel like my Dom/me is not dominant enough i find myself pushing His or Her buttons in the hopes of being controlled. my ideal Dom/me is a “Daddy/Mommy” Dominant that can tame me.

submissive Type (i am a mix of these submissive types):
• Romantic submissive
• “Tame Me” submissive
• Top from the bottom
• Psychological submissive
• Bedroom submissive
• ​”Little Girl” submissive